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Kill the userspace?

I earlier wrote about the future of web browsers. Today I was thinking about ideas for an OS project for a friend and I arrived at my earlier ideas starting from a different direction.

Well, from how the world have evolved since, we see that there is a lot of wind in the WebOS arena. Google Chrome Operating System has caused a lot of speculation about web-applications overshadowing desktop applications of today. I don’t know if forgetting the C programs and Java based desktop applications in favor of these webapps – built using the ever so vulnerable HTML and Javascript technology – is a good idea, and I will leave that argument for others to take forward. The point is, Google is coming out with a customized Linux kernel that is made to run only Chrome web browser, where every tab is a process, and within each tab, we run a webapp like GMail and Google Calendar. Simple as that!

I have been involved in this project called Glendix for a while now. One of the tasks that was done for the project was to get the Linux kernel to understand the Plan 9 executable format, the a.out (not ELF from Linux). Now I was thinking, would it not be wonderful if the kernel understood HTML straight away? I mean, whatever the browser understands, let the kernel understand it instead. What we are doing is, have a Google Crome like engine built into the OS, instead of having the X server and other userspace apps. We are already working on kernel implementations of /net and soon will move on to /dev/draw. What if we also included the module for the kernel to understand HTML and Javascript? Would it kill the userspace? Is this just a different way of looking at things, of have I really offered to cut a layer here? I sometimes find it hard to understand what I propose. Going by how I imagined it, we can then have things like Ubiquity to fetch data from the web installed as a OS add-on, and have history in form of a Mac Dock look-alike.

I have built this castle upon one prospective theory that you can have the kernel understand HTML and javascript the way browsers do and that it is in someway better than having a scaled-down Linux kernel and installing X Server on it, and then installing a Google Chrome (which is what everyone believe Google Chrome Operating System is currently). So here’s a toast, to the idea that will kill Google Chrome Operating System …. Haha!  :p