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World of White?

So a friend of mine has recently got involved with a Unreal Tournament 3 Mod. It is called Project:White. They have some interesting additions, like 3rd person play and Cover & Peeking. They are building upon new game mode ideas like terrotorial and PUSH which are both centered around Dawn of War and Battlefield 1942 style capture of “control points”. Catch them on their Developer Site at Whitemod.

I think a good extension to this could be a “World of White”? Which is basically just a challenge mode. It would have a map of the world online. This can be just an integration of all the maps there is in the game. On the world map, you can show territories of the various teams. Now, enter Challenge mode. Once you have a hold on your map, you can challenge other clans holding other territories. Basically, you will select “infiltrate” and you can enter into a fight with them on their map. If they are AFK, you cannot challenge them. A clan holds an area for some limited time (like in number of days), and if they don’t fight anyone on that territory for that period, the territory gets defaulted over to whoever is the next challenger infiltrating that territory.

This mode can lead into more complex structures, where you can enter into a treaty with other clans. Form Alliances, and hold joint territories, by nominating members from the participating clans, to form an all star team.

I cant help but feel how close this idea is to the age old board game “Conquest” or its computer game equal, a turn-based strategy “Risk 2”. Still a good and achievable idea, in my opinion…

UPDATE: For those of you who do not understand what UT3 is all about, or dont know what Mod making is, here (please read the comentary at the bottom in this video!) and here are two very useful videos. Also, I have changed the Cover & Peeking video link above to a higher quality version. Enjoy!