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World of White?

So a friend of mine has recently got involved with a Unreal Tournament 3 Mod. It is called Project:White. They have some interesting additions, like 3rd person play and Cover & Peeking. They are building upon new game mode ideas like terrotorial and PUSH which are both centered around Dawn of War and Battlefield 1942 style capture of “control points”. Catch them on their Developer Site at Whitemod.

I think a good extension to this could be a “World of White”? Which is basically just a challenge mode. It would have a map of the world online. This can be just an integration of all the maps there is in the game. On the world map, you can show territories of the various teams. Now, enter Challenge mode. Once you have a hold on your map, you can challenge other clans holding other territories. Basically, you will select “infiltrate” and you can enter into a fight with them on their map. If they are AFK, you cannot challenge them. A clan holds an area for some limited time (like in number of days), and if they don’t fight anyone on that territory for that period, the territory gets defaulted over to whoever is the next challenger infiltrating that territory.

This mode can lead into more complex structures, where you can enter into a treaty with other clans. Form Alliances, and hold joint territories, by nominating members from the participating clans, to form an all star team.

I cant help but feel how close this idea is to the age old board game “Conquest” or its computer game equal, a turn-based strategy “Risk 2”. Still a good and achievable idea, in my opinion…

UPDATE: For those of you who do not understand what UT3 is all about, or dont know what Mod making is, here (please read the comentary at the bottom in this video!) and here are two very useful videos. Also, I have changed the Cover & Peeking video link above to a higher quality version. Enjoy!


2009 already? An Obama-term away from Dec 2012!

It seems weird that this is the last year I can write dates like 2-9-9. It was fun while it lasted, but it seems we are into the last single digit year of our life! It feels so much more close to 2012 – the year marked by many to mean various different significant things. Whether we really do witness the doomsday; or the return of a Planet X; or a global awakening to psychic connection aided by the return of Quetzalcoatl; or an opening to another dimention to a parallel earth; or an alien invasion, it remains to be seen. Amongst such vivid imaginations, there is another prediction made, that seems more real, which talks about America’s economic downfall. In this world of monopoly-seeking companies giving little heed to ethics, it is possible. This is the age of companies trying new and improved ways to shackle their customers. Even Airtel in India has bought into the completely dumb concept of credit history (see Q26 FAQ).

Thankfully it is the Indian Government and its BSNL making the rules in Indian telecom industry, but USA, today more than ever, needs Obama’s blue print for change, if they wish to make things right. A liberal like Obama has been long awaited. His for-the-people school of thought has made him prescribe Free and Open Source Software for many of his departments (see this and this). Looking forward to an opensource friendly and flourishing technology industry in the near future with no locks and privileges. The time for democracy is here!

Found my personality!

I took this test earlier (based upon Myers-Briggs/Jung typology), but did not really understand some of the questions correctly then. The result I got was vague. I took it again and check this out!

Well, its INTP, and very close to what I got last time, except the bars were more to the right last time, specially the thinking – feeling point. The result analysis was not me at all. This time it feels right. I am an introvert but almost an extrovert. I am insanely intuitive, so much so that I basically cant do things the methodical way. So my performances have been largely dispersed, but when I do well, it is wonderful, like magic! People are usually impressed by my off-beat methods. Only, what I need to do is increase the frequency of that happening. Read more about INTP here and here.

Incidentally I am a Leo, a dormant one (there are two types of Leo people, one who are ferocious, and the other who are extremely dormant). Maybe this explains why I am so lazy. I get so many ideas, and I have such a strong passion and will to execute it, but loose enthusiasm soon, and get distracted unless I have a partner working with me.

I also see that I am a complete right-brainer. See, this, this and this. The third link is a book I don’t have, and haven’t read, save for the few pages on Amazon. I would love to though, some day…

More about the world from the above perspectives coming up in subsequent posts.

P.S. My friends Anant Narayanan and Akshat Gupta got INTP and ESTJ respectively. My bars are very different from Anant’s though, and the difference also feels right.

Web browsers in 2012: Ubiquitous or Clandestine?

Web browsers are the first thing people think of when we mention the internet. It somehow reminds me of the days of Windows 3.1 on my first ever computer (a 1995 486DX2). The first thing that anyone did when the computer had boot was fire up the Program Manager! I might take this opportunity to debate the validity of this comparison as non-fiction, or… lets dream a dream that many brilliant minds have already dreamed.

Take a look at what the Mozilla World has envisioned for the next generation of the internet. I will not go into describing again what is already described there, but here is what I personally envision the future of internet to be like, after having been inspired from the recent happenings at Mozilla.

The internet today is capable of understanding various media types. Each of them them have some program on our desktop that understands how it renders. Instead of trying to embed Adobe Reader in Firefox, and using plugins to embed our default video player within the web pages a web browser renders, should we not be using these programs itself? There should be minimalistic application that renders the world wide web like it is today, with Javascript and HTML. We should do away with the web browser interface all together!

An outrageous and abstract claim? Not quite. Take a look at Quicksilver. Its a way to quickly execute whatever task we want the computer to perform without having to fire up the needed programs like iTunes or Thunderbird or your chat application. Enter Ubiquity – the quicksilver for the web!

The way I see it, ubiquity should be pulled out of Firefox and run on the desktop, something like a “Ubiquitous Quicksilver”. It should not matter where the content is physically located. Whether on local hard drive or on the internet. Imagine doing all the same “adding a map to your email” activity that the video shows, but instead, think of doing it in GMail on desktop! What if you wanted this map added to your presentation in “openoffice”, “keynote” or “powerpoint”? How about creating the envelopes for sending some invitation (yes, via snail-mail, dont say its all e-invites these days) to all the a contact addresses you have on GMail or in your LinkedIn or Plaxo account? When Aza adds the “Lunch with Atul at 1pm at Ellite Cafe” in the video, think about it adding to Google Calendar, only this time its an application on your desktop and not in the firefox browser! The location of the content will still be Google servers, but why should that be a problem? You can already do this using Prism.

The web will no longer be limited to HTML pages, you could have URLs pointing to a pdf or any other binary format document, and this could be the starting point of your website instead of index.html. (For those geeks who are laughing on my dream, I know Apache doesn’t allow that. Unfortunately my dream broke here, but I am working on it :p ). The point is, why should URL only be limited to HTML pages, when we know about the MIME Types? “Ubiquitous Quicksilver” is there to map content type to the program that can render it on the client. When a user does a login using http authentication, you could display welcome message as a video instead of taking the visitor to a web page!

I do believe the above can be achieved by simply allowing ubiquity to fire up programs on the local machine depending upon the MIME type it has received. Quicksilver can already do that! All we need is a marriage of Ubiquity and Quicksilver (or maybe a Gecko equivalent of quicksilver?).

Think about what you can do with such power!

Yes I cook!

Gulaab Jamun on Diwali!

Gulaab Jamun on Diwali!

here are other photos from my life in USA 🙂


Another meme has begun:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair… just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.

P.S.: And yes, I am alive. Good interesting posts coming up 🙂