2009 already? An Obama-term away from Dec 2012!

It seems weird that this is the last year I can write dates like 2-9-9. It was fun while it lasted, but it seems we are into the last single digit year of our life! It feels so much more close to 2012 – the year marked by many to mean various different significant things. Whether we really do witness the doomsday; or the return of a Planet X; or a global awakening to psychic connection aided by the return of Quetzalcoatl; or an opening to another dimention to a parallel earth; or an alien invasion, it remains to be seen. Amongst such vivid imaginations, there is another prediction made, that seems more real, which talks about America’s economic downfall. In this world of monopoly-seeking companies giving little heed to ethics, it is possible. This is the age of companies trying new and improved ways to shackle their customers. Even Airtel in India has bought into the completely dumb concept of credit history (see Q26 FAQ).

Thankfully it is the Indian Government and its BSNL making the rules in Indian telecom industry, but USA, today more than ever, needs Obama’s blue print for change, if they wish to make things right. A liberal like Obama has been long awaited. His for-the-people school of thought has made him prescribe Free and Open Source Software for many of his departments (see this and this). Looking forward to an opensource friendly and flourishing technology industry in the near future with no locks and privileges. The time for democracy is here!

2 responses to “2009 already? An Obama-term away from Dec 2012!

  1. Meh, Obama and his commie brigade! The voters are sheep. You just need good oratory skills to get them on your side.

  2. Let’s see how much of the FOSS promise Obama keeps. 🙂

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