Found my personality!

I took this test earlier (based upon Myers-Briggs/Jung typology), but did not really understand some of the questions correctly then. The result I got was vague. I took it again and check this out!

Well, its INTP, and very close to what I got last time, except the bars were more to the right last time, specially the thinking – feeling point. The result analysis was not me at all. This time it feels right. I am an introvert but almost an extrovert. I am insanely intuitive, so much so that I basically cant do things the methodical way. So my performances have been largely dispersed, but when I do well, it is wonderful, like magic! People are usually impressed by my off-beat methods. Only, what I need to do is increase the frequency of that happening. Read more about INTP here and here.

Incidentally I am a Leo, a dormant one (there are two types of Leo people, one who are ferocious, and the other who are extremely dormant). Maybe this explains why I am so lazy. I get so many ideas, and I have such a strong passion and will to execute it, but loose enthusiasm soon, and get distracted unless I have a partner working with me.

I also see that I am a complete right-brainer. See, this, this and this. The third link is a book I don’t have, and haven’t read, save for the few pages on Amazon. I would love to though, some day…

More about the world from the above perspectives coming up in subsequent posts.

P.S. My friends Anant Narayanan and Akshat Gupta got INTP and ESTJ respectively. My bars are very different from Anant’s though, and the difference also feels right.

2 responses to “Found my personality!

  1. Rahul Murmuria

    After 5 years, this is what has happened to me:
    More feelings than before! Hmm. I wonder if this is true. I guess it is.

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