Yes I cook!

Gulaab Jamun on Diwali!

Gulaab Jamun on Diwali!

here are other photos from my life in USA 🙂

5 responses to “Yes I cook!

  1. Damn, they look good! Why didn’t you pick up these skills earlier, we could have avoided so many GMP trips and continued with DoTA 😉

  2. Yes you cook. But do people eat it?

  3. try this wen ur in India…first person wanting a bite will be ofcrse baba..hes too excited abt u.only 2 ppl on his mind now r me and u…aftr his visit to singapore next on wishlist is:Trip to America via London..u know whr he is gettin…lol..

  4. Aldo F. Augustine

    DUde ,……..i dint get enough …every1 was supposed to get 5 each…i ended with only 4 , Ya Mr. Gandhi had a lesser number (but thats a different story , he fed the carpet)… time I eat first …anyways it totally rocked

  5. Wow! excited to have a tatste of the same when you come to India and cook the same for us!!!!!

    Chachi will be delighted that her dabba son(when it comes to cooking) has learnt some art of cooking also and now making Gulab Jamun’s that to in round shape. Even in rarest of her dreams she must have imagined some shape which can not be defined in terms of available vocabulary of shapes if Rahul makes Gulab Jamun?????????……….

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