My A/c First Class trip on JC!

And so it ends… With a blissful journey on the train, from Jaipur to Chennai, I return once an for all with a B-Tech degree in hand!

Show pictures or a video, I would like to… but an appropriate camera I have not… Fancy this cabin is! A waiter turns up at my service, a bell once I ring !! (yes, I’ve been watching – and reading – Star Wars, more on it later, but I think I should end the Yoda speak, even though this is fun).

OH, there’s more BTW. I have an indicator on top my seats that shows whether the toilets are occupied or empty! The seats are 4 feet wide!!!! …and whats more, I got it all to myself! The 3 others in this box did not turn up! I have been online all day, and also saw Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith…again. I am planning to finish the Anime Series Basilisk now.

The train is running 4 hours late, so I get to be in here until 2 PM tomorrow! That’s awesome [:-)]

…and I connected my awesome Altec Lansing Sub-Woofer speaker system here too! Haven’t played anything loud though, they already cut the power once; when Adi and Riyu were here watching Star Wars. So they had to leave… I’ll keep it low from here on.. [:-)]

P.S.: Big thanks to Lalu and to Dheerubhai Ambani for making all this possible!

4 responses to “My A/c First Class trip on JC!

  1. Amazing man!! I never knew I class AC had a waiter on demand… 4 feet seats are quite too wide though.
    congrats for your degree though !

    PS: why thank Dhirubhai Ambani ?

  2. That day(20080524), I was wondering how u were online….(I know u were on the way to chennai)….
    Here’s the reason…..Dhirubhai Ambani 🙂

  3. i went by 1st A/C too and you know what i had a far worse experience. some people have all the luck

  4. hey RM…
    great blog…
    and im quite tempted to take such a trip myself now…and if im in luck I may land up travelling alone…nothin better than spending time with ones own self…as one of my fave quotes says:’you cannot be lonely,if u love the person ur alone with’…
    Though now I vudnt mind travelling in a couple… 🙂
    btw im inspired to blog im fond of writing myself..though most of it is as personal diary….

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