Sand, Sea, Souq….. and tarmac!

The Best Month Ever: Part 2

Back from Bengaluroo, I really could not imagine a trip that could be more fun… but Goa in the month of December should not be taken so lightly 😀

Thank the magnanimous Ameya, for possibly the best holiday we ever had, because on the morning of the 16th, Aditya Bharadwaj, Akshat Gupta, Anant Narayanan, Ishan Dixit, Raghavendra Narasimhan, Ravikant and I arrived at his doorstep in Vasco… and it was legendary!

First up, lunch full of awesome’ness! Ameya’s mom is an excellent cook…The first day’s curtain raiser also included an evening at Bogmalo beach…

hpim1928.jpg  hpim1971.jpg

We spent the next 4 days travelling around Goa in 4 hired Activas! After a few abuses were sent flying towards ‘the Gujju’ (Akshat) for dutifully following the speed limit sign of 20 kmph on the highway, Anant took the driving seat… a move that later helped a traffic policeman earn Rs.300/- (haha!). The policeman was a good lad though, as when Anant offered an unbelievably huge sum of Rs.500/- for his offence of driving without license, the policeman earnestly returned Rs.200/- as rebate! 🙂

dsc01585.jpg  dsc01590.jpg

We visited the Cathedral, and various beaches. I think we enjoyed the most on Benaulim Beach, even though the Water scooter and parasail on Baga was fun…

dsc01819.jpg  hpim2099.jpg  hpim2171.jpg

We went on the river cruise too. We met another group of friends from college, and together we MNITians rocked the one hour ride! The highlight of the evening was the Lamborghini though! An orange one just vroommed past us, as we were on our way from Dauna-Paula to the cruise start-point in Panjim. I will remember to visit The Marriott Resort next time, hoping another rich and famous will drive in his Lamborghini…

dsc01705.jpg  dsc01723.jpg

On the last day, we also visited a national karting track in Goa. I bought five tickets for myself! We had a few races and it was legendary! I will never forget the warning that Ameya and I got in one of the races. We got too competitive for the lead and started playing rough, which prompted the marshals to stop us!

dsc01888.jpg  dsc01887.jpg  dsc01912.jpg

I bought some cashews at a store near the Vasco railway station. The train journey on the way back was picturesque. The route cuts through the western ghats, with scenes like waterfalls and valleys along the way…

All in all, we had a great time! Read Anant’s side of the Goa trip story here

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