Somebody stole my Presario :(

There was a time when I had this amazing Compaq Presario SR1530IL, the wonderful PC that gave me the feeling of “home”. It was a storehouse of everything under the sun that interested me; my projects, movies, games, software, books, a gallery with all works of my friends (be it a dance performance, a short movie, a song, art, animation, or source code)…you name it!

When I returned to my hostel from a week-long trip to my parents place however, gloom was all I found. Someone had broken into my room, stole my desktop and however absurd this might sound, he placed a fresh lock on my door! He did not steal the entire computer though. It seemed like he had a clear list of things to steal, just like the list of items your mother might give you before sending you to a grocery store. He took my Intel motherboard (with the driver CD!), P4 3.06 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, one of the two 80 GB harddisks and my 600VA UPS, but left everything else including the modem, Sony DVD writer, floppy drive, Compaq 17″ monitor, keyboard, mouse, cabinet and most importantly, my awesome Altec Lansing 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System! Yes, he stole only the expensive and less bulky items, but if he could carry my UPS, and had time to sit and dismantle my computer, why not take everything?

There was only one thing left to say, “Welcome to MNIT”. Its like a tradition that takes place every Dusera break, and year after year someone celebrates this annual festival with champagne. I did lodge a complaint about this burglary. The hostel warden came the same day and sealed the room with one of his own locks (over the lock put by the thief). I submitted a report of the theft before they released my room again. I do not see where we are heading now though, the thief has not only finished eating his cake but has very comfortably digested it, and is ready for his next meal!

Even so, the management hardly cares that I was the victim here. Just the other day, the Dean of Student Affairs had payed his visit to listen to my story and seemed to be convinced that I was the one at fault. Moreover, my friends and I had ordered pizza that night from Dominoes and of all the strokes of bad lucks, the delivery boy had to arrive just minutes before the Dean left my room!

Well, they say life moves on….

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