India in Twenty20 World Cup finals!

Tonight is the T20 World Cup finals, and for an Indian Cricket fan, it couldn’t get any better. An India Vs. Pakistan final! It just feels like a dream.

While my heart always bet on an Indian World cup victory, in my mind, both the angel and the devil had different plans. While the angel believed in a South Africa Vs. New Zealand final, the devil was sure you cannot beat the Aussies! As though India in the final wasn’t enough drama, it had to be India Vs. Pakistan – the same two countries who had early exits in the league stage from the ICC World Cup earlier this year, causing a huge loss in revenue to the organizers!

India has in fact, seen it all in this edition. With no international T20 experience prior to this tournament, India managed to humble the very best teams in the competition, including Australia, South Africa and England!

They even won the first ever Bowl-Out in the history of international T20 cricket! Here’s a video embed from YouTube:

Also a must watch, is Yuvraj Singh’s 6 consecutive sixes in an over vs England in the Super 8’s clash, which created history!

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