Finding a Grad School…

Until recently, I had not realized searching for a good masters program would be such a tedious task. After 4 months of thinking and rethinking and visiting almost 50~60 university websites, I have arrived at a shortlist of 12 universities that could be versioned 4.2! My idea of doing “research in a company” seems more achievable now (a few years ago, when none of us knew about research labs, my friends laughed on the idea).

An account with the USNews website, and visits to the USEFI (American Consulate) and the British Council helped a lot. I have also decided to enroll with Edwise, who counsel students on foreign education. Their guidance in choosing a university (although I did my own university searching) and towards visa issues is invaluable. I also evaluate them to be one of the best and the cheapest in India, as most of the other counselors I went to were running a money fleecing business. My experiences at the USEFI and the British Council were really enlightening, not to mention how contrasting the two places were in their atmosphere. This certainly requires a separate blog post.

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